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My First Writing
My First Writing
My Next Writing
My Next Writing
Suitable for :Primary Schools
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Writing Series

E-Future (FROM : South Korea)
About this product:

My First Writing is a fun and easy writing series for young EFL beginners. Students will begin to write sentences within a context of fun topics. Interesting characters are used from beginning to end to grasp the students attention and guide them through the book.
Throughout the series, students will expand their vocabulary in meaningful linguistic collocations. Vocabulary is introduced in fun activities using illustrations and real photos. The series will develop and enhance students sentence building skills in a fun and engaging way leading them to paragraph writing.

My Next Writing is the following series to My First Writing, completing the series for multi-paragraph essay writing. In book 1, students learn to write a cohesive paragraph that includes a topic sentence, body, and a closing sentence. In books 2 and 3, students expand their ideas and develop their writing into multi-paragraph essays.
Paragraph and essay writing is guided through a comprehensive step-by-step approach with the use of model essays.
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