Fundi Phonological Awareness Programme

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Fundi Phonological Awareness Programme

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What is Phonological Awareness?

Phonological Awareness is the ability to think about and consciously manipulate speech sounds and implies awareness of individual speech sounds in spoken language. Spoken language can be analyzed into syllables and sounds and syllables and sounds can be blended to form worlds and meaningful language.

Why is phonological (sound) awareness important?

Phonological awareness is an important pre-literacy skill because if there are difficulties in this area it can often lead to reading and writing difficulties. Children develop phonological awareness skills in a sequential pattern which is as follows:
  • The ability to hear rhymes and alliteration.
  • Hearing words in spoken language.
  • Hearing syllables in spoken words and then being able to clap out syllables.
  • Hearing sounds at the beginning of words and then being able to produce words that begin with certain sounds.
  • Recognising and identify rhyming words and then being able to produce rhyming words.
  • Being able to hear individual sounds in words.
  • Being able to blend individual sounds together to make a word (e.g. c_a_t = cat).
  • Being able to segment sounds in words (e.g. cat = c_a_t).
  • Deleting, substituting and manipulating sounds in words.
  • What Makes Fundi Programme Unique?

  • It is comprehensive and addresses all aspects in the development of phonological awareness.
  • Consists of 46 prepared lessons including complete word lists.
  • Games are colourful, child friendly and exciting.
  • Can be presented in groups and takes only 10-15 minutes to complete each lesson.
  • Address: Unit 14B-5, Wing Cheung Industrial Building, 58-70 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung, NT
    (5-minute walk from Kwai Hing MTR Exit B)
    Phone: (852) 27224219
    Fax: (852) 23045121


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