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Flying Start to Literacy

Eleanor Curtain Publsihing (FROM : AU)
About this product:
Flying Start to Literacy is a comprehensive core early literacy program.
  • ideal for early intervention programs, including Reading Recovery.
  • provides effective support for EAL (ESL) students.
  • based on research and consists of: Paired Books, Vocabulary Starters(unique to the Early Emergent Stage) and Lesson Plans

Program features:

Key vocabularyis carefully introduced and constantly revisited. Paired books present the same key vocabulary in different text types.
High-frequency words have a high rate of repetition with a low ratio of unfamiliar words. Connected, paired books present the same high-frequency words in different sentence structures and text types.
A variety of text types enable the development of a range of reading strategies. A range of text types, with different structures and text features, build reading strategies for texts that have different purposes.
Text complexity is carefully sequenced to build reading strategies. Flying Start to Literacy is sequenced into 7 Developmental Stages and 30 Guided Reading levels. Reading strategies are developed and consolidated at each level.

Number of titles:280 titles of both paired fiction and non-fiction books. Detailed information here.

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