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Wishy Washy Tractor
Suitable for :Kindergarten - Primary
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Emergent-Early: Joy Cowley Club

Clean Slate Press (FROM : NZ)
About this product:
The Joy Cowley Club Set 1 features trios of stories about all-new exciting characters. Featuring vibrant, contemporary illustrations, read these books and discover how Joy Cowleys child-centred approach to literacy draws children into a love of reading. Levels 7-17 (15 Small Readers and selected titles of Big Book version)
The Joy Cowley Club Set 2 is published as trios of stories. Enjoy the second installment of the classroom equipment that comes to life, advice for pets on how to live with humans, the exciting escapades of Mr Tang and his special taxi, the adventures of Miniboy and his pet "horse" Mousie, and the teddy bears who live in a toy museum. Levels 10-14. (15 Small Readers and selected titles of Big Book version)
The Joy Cowley Club Junior is carefully designed to build literacy skills. Readers are provided with different subjects and illustration styles while they are in the early stages of literacy. Levels 3-9.(15 Small Readers and 6 titles of Big Book version)
The Joy Cowley Club: Wishy-Washy is a series of 15 delightful new stories about Joy Cowleys most famous character - Mrs Wishy-Washy. Levels 2-4 (15 titles available as Small Books, 6 titles also available as Big Books)

More Joy Cowley Club series:
- Little Rabbit(Levels3-5)
- Big Bear & Little Bear(Levels 7-9)
- Miss Doll & Friends(Levels 6-12)

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